Sian Mete

Sue Warren

A dancing Dutch horse – an impossible dream?

You would think so… However, one flight and two days later, after visiting several high class yards in Holland with Sian, I purchased a 4-year-old 17hh Dutch warmblood called COCORELLA from a professional yard near Amsterdam. Less than two weeks later, vetted and transported, he was in the UK and a new journey of learning and training began.

Sian and I visited four yards, all of which were highly professional with excellent quality horses suitable for all levels from novice to advanced. The owners spoke excellent English and, although all of them competed at high levels, were interested and attentive to my needs as a novice rider. Sian rode the horses before I did and I felt very comfortable and not pressured to perform or buy.

Educational and informative, my trip to Holland was a great experience and with ease of travel and an experienced guide, my transition to owning a top quality horse has been completed. All I need now is to continue on my lifetime quest — the art of riding to the best of my ability, but now with my beautiful, intelligent and generous horse Coco.

Dr Sue Warren

Emelie Harming

I thoroughly enjoyed my three-day trip to Holland with Sian who set up visits to some fabulous yards to see numerous different types of horses all within my budget. I felt I got a genuine welcome at each yard and all the horses were lovely. Sian was always there to sit on any of the horses if I wanted a second opinion. She’s a great rider and trainer and her friendly, easy going nature made the trip a really enjoyable experience too. One of the horses was perfect but sadly he did not pass my vet’s stringent criteria so we are planning a second trip now to Holland which I am very excited about.

Emelie Harming

Swedish dressage rider

Sam Lewis

My Irish horse, Pacha, is a super jumper, brave and bold, I love her to bits. But we struggle with dressage and Sian is helping us to help each other. In just two sessions Sian began to unblock Pacha and improve her suppleness and straightness which has really improved my contact and feel. Sian’s got a harder task now… trying to teach me to push all Pacha’s right buttons too. I’m certain she’ll get there — she’s clearly determined and won’t give up easily. Sian is clear, concise, patient but firm. I really enjoy our sessions and hope that with a few more our dressage scores will improve. Who knows, we may even get a few ribbons!

Sam Lewis

Eventer. Dorset

Jemma Harding I contacted Sian after I had searched the UK and couldn’t find anything within my limited budget. I booked the flights and she organised where to stay and arranged for me to see a range of horses at three different yards. Sian showed me videos of some of them before I went and I fell in love — and mentally bought — one of them whose hind leg was simply amazing. But when I actually arrived in Holland and tried it, it didn’t feel like the horse I’d seen in the video. Within a day, however, I had shortlisted three horses. I made an offer on one — a four-year old, 17hh bay gelding called Arty, whom I didn’t think would be my type. He was a bit long, green, and a holsteiner from pure jumping lines — simply not what I had expected. He was sweet trotting, but when he cantered I loved him. He also had a good mouth, was good off the leg and was very genuine. He is now seven and, even after a year off after an accident in the field, he has been out twice competing at medium — and he won both times.
Jemma Harding

Dressage rider